8 Reasons to Invest in Dubai’s Real Estate 2022




Dubai indeed is one of the best destinations in the world, and for various purposes! Be it tourism, investment, economic or service environment. Everything seems to be out of the ordinary, which makes people from around to globe attracted to it! 


Investing in this breathtaking address definitely sounds to be an idea for long-term results. In that, real estate investment remains the most profitable of all, with security guaranteed. Not only are the locals looking to invest in Dubai the land, but ex-pats cover 90% of the population. 


With the world-class sky-scrappers, glittering skyline, and mega malls bustling around. Dubai definitely has a lot in store for you, and its cutting-edge technology will escalate property demands and rates in the coming years.

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Market of Dubai

If you’re wondering whether or not real estate is a good deal. Here’s why it is! 

  1. Steady Income

When you invest in a property in Dubai, you can expect steady returns on investment. The rental market here is quite lucrative, with great returns expected. With that, be it any kind of property, you’re bound to get amazing ROI. When you choose the right real estate agency like evernestre.ae you’re bound to get help regarding the best properties to buy. 


Be it a rental or a long-term residency, you can get an idea of which project to invest in.  The rental market in the city is pretty robust, which makes your chances are steady earning, very high.  Investing in properties, be it villas, townhouses, off-plan apartments or studio flats will bring results. 

  1. Tax-Free Haven
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The first and foremost reason for investing in Dubai has to be its tax-free element. Live care-freely, and don’t bother about annual property tax anymore! Yes, homeowners in Dubai are free from all the liabilities that they experience when living in a big city like Dubai. The only payment that you make is for the registration of property and nothing apart from that. With zero tax on properties, imagine the lucrative investment returns to enjoy.

  1. Practical Pricing

Housing options in Dubai won’t make a hole in your pocket. When it comes to investment, you’ll be surprised to know how affordable it is to buy a home. The property pricing per square meter is quite lower when compared to other big cities. So, people from around the globe can think of utilizing their savings in a smart & developing land like Dubai.

  1. Low Crime Rate

Thanks to the city’s strict rules, laws and regulations, make it the safest city in the world. The quality of life experienced here cannot be relished elsewhere. Dubai has the lowest crime rate, and a well-functioning legal system adds a contributing factor to it. Investing in a safe country certainly ensure your property is in the right hands!

  1. Investor Visas

One of the many advantages that attract foreign investors is the kind of visas offered to them. One of the most popular is the golden visa which offers investors 5 to 10 years of residency! This long-term residency option indeed is an opportunity that you cannot miss. However, in order to be eligible for a Golden visa, investors have to make an investment of a specific amount.

  1. Freehold Ownership
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Another exciting reason for you to invest in Dubai is the freehold ownership offered. Investors from anywhere around the globe can invest in Dubai’s freehold areas and take complete ownership of property. There are endless communities, in exceptional locations and neighbourhoods! You as an investor can easily sell, lease, live, and do anything that you wish with your property.

  1. Properties Overloaded

There is something for everyone, no matter what budget you have in mind. If you’re looking for affordable homes, or luxury, ultra-luxury, grand living in Dubai. The options of apartments, duplexes, townhouses, and penthouses, are in abundance. If you want to invest in Dubai’s real estate latest off-plan properties, there are Damac Safa Two, Laurel Central Park, Beverly Hills Villas, and many more. The latest addition of Laurel Central Park is by premium development Meraas in Dubai. From an array of options comes a unique location too, with different pricing to choose from.

  1. Business Friendly

Dubai undoubtedly is a hub for business, technology and growth! Starting a business in the city seems to be an extremely simple, yet straightforward idea. The only thing you need to have is money to invest in your business, an office to rent or buy and go through a legal procedure, that’s it. It is what makes the market for running a business, very seamless. 


Whether it’s about tourism, investment, or making a living, the friendly environment of Dubai is what sets it apart. Investors have many advantages here that are not available in any other country! With the list mentioned above, many things are clear, including the benefit of owning a home in a vibrant city like Dubai. So what’s keeping you await, 2022 is the right time to not think but take action and buy a property! 




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