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Buyer Guide

Find the Home of Your Dreams!

With a proven track record, the right skill set and experience, Source Properties will help you through the entire process of finding your perfect home. Using the following 6-step process, we will assist you to get informed, and get the Home of Your Dreams!

Six Steps to Buying Your Home

Step 1 – You

We start by learning your needs and the qualities you are looking for in a home.

Step 2 – Powerful Data

We will empower you with powerful market data and intelligence.

Step 3 – Our Nationwide Network

We put our knowledge, experience, company and network to work for you.

Step 4 – Innovative Technology

We deploy automated marketing, technology and tools for you.

Step 5 – Knowledge and Experience

We will guide you through the process of buying your new home: mortgage prequalification and financial steps, and negotiating and advising you through the purchase contract.

Step 6 – Partners and Support

We introduce you to our vast network of partners and support services.

In Dubai we can help you of 2 types of property purchase as per your requirements:

  1. Ready Properties
  2. Off plan Properties

Each one has benefits that we explain them as below.

Ready Properties:

Advantage of buying Ready property:

  • Low risk with immediate title deed transfer
  • quick rental return or personal use


Purchase procedure of Ready property?

  1. You show your interest of particular property which we have promoted by calling Source Properties, ….
  2. Register you as a prospect buyer for that particular property and arrange viewing for the property if it’s ready property otherwise just shows the location of it.
  3. If you like the property you have to put 10% deposit of the value of the property under the name of owner hold by real estate office.
  4. You will have maximum of one month time to prepare your money cash or loan and get ready for transfer the property on your name.
  5. You may be liable for developer NOC charges.
  6. Transfer will take place in trustee office of DLD (Dubai land department) and full settlement must happen over there and receive your original Title Deed at the same time.
  7. The balance of money must be in the form of Draft chq. and under the name of seller.
  8.  At the same time of receiving money transfer the property to your name will take place.
  9. There is 4% transfer fee to DLD and must be in form of the Draft chq., can be negotiate how to pay it by both side or only by buyer.
  10.  AED 4,200 plus AED 580 Trustee office service fee pay by buyer.
  11.  Mortgage registration – 0.25% of loan amount plus AED 290; and bank / mortgage   broker arrangement or set-up charges, which vary.
  12.  Agency commission- industry standard is 2%; under the name of Source Properties can be negotiate how to pay it by both side or only by buyer.
  13.  If unit is ready, service fee should pay till date of transfer by seller and from date of transfer will be paid by buyer.
  14.  If the unit is rented, the rent amount till date of transfer will be for the seller and from date of transfer will be for the buyer and tenancy agreement will be changed under the name of buyer (New Owner) and any rental chq remaining from old tenancy agreement should be changed under the name of the buyer (New Owner).


Off plan property

Source Properties has the most reliable and best developers with innovative real estate solution to maximize the profit and return on investment.

We’re choosing the type of projects according to client requirement, it means if he/she is looking for investment and rental income or looking for using the property for personal use.

We’ll offer the best options which meet the client’s need.

Here are some Developers which Source Properties representing them such as:

  • Emaar
  • Dubai Holding
  • MBR city, District one
  • Damac
  • Mag
  • Sobha

And a lot more which are not come to this list.


Purchasing Process from Developer

  • Collect projects’ information
  • Choose suitable projects according to your investment purposes
  • Prepare documents (passport ) and money
  • Pay 10% down payment and follow installments
  • Pay 4% for Oqood registration (pre Title Deed registration) + AED 4,000
  • Get your Title Deed after handover


Advantage of buying off plan project:

  • Easy payment plan (3 years +)
  • Post payment plan (2 years +)
  • High future appreciation
  • New  brand and new style
  • No Agency fee

Please contact us before you begin the process alone or with the wrong agent. We would love to work with you.

Call us today to speak with an experienced buyer's agent!  +97144541041.



Source Properties Real Estate consultants are RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) registered.

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